Ansible Self-Paced Workshop Directory

These are 90 minute workshops with multiple self-paced labs in them.

Workshop Title Link
Cloud Automation Technical Workshop πŸ”¬ Open Workshop
Event-Driven Ansible Technical Workshop πŸ”¬ Open Workshop

Self-Paced Labs Directory

Event-Driven Ansible (EDA)

Lab Title Link
Get started with Event-Driven Ansible and Ansible rulebooks πŸš€ Launch Lab
Event-Driven Ansible and NetOps πŸš€ Launch Lab
GitOps with Event-Driven Ansible πŸš€ Launch Lab

Network Automation

Lab Title Link
Palo Alto Networks firewall automation with AAP πŸš€ Launch Lab

Feedback and Issues

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External Lab webpages


This repo contains images and tracks for the instruqt platform. Red Hat is using Instruqt for in-browser demonstrations of the Ansible Automation Platform. If you are unfamiliar with Instruqt please refer to their documentation.

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