Getting Started with Windows Automation

In this instructor-led workshop, participants learn the basics of Ansible Automation and how they can use Ansible with Windows Hosts. Attendees will get hands-on experience with the fundamentals of Ansible and will create and edit Ansible Playbooks which will be used in an Automation controller. This workshop will expose participants to working with the Ansible Automation Platform while automating tasks on a Windows host.

Tasks in this lab include:


This workshop is also known as the Windows Automation Technical 90-min Workshop

Presentation Deck

Lab Agenda (Estimate total time ⏱️ 90 minutes)

Learning Resources

It is highly recommended to take the Microsoft Windows Automation with Red Hat Ansible if you want additional training!

Here is some additional collateral:

Title Type external link RHCC Link (employees and partners)
Ansible on Windows for financial services Datasheet on Content Center
10 ways to automate Microsoft Windows with Red Hat Ansible Checklist on Content Center
Standardization and automation Overview on Content Center

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