Getting Started with Network Automation

The Ansible Network Automation Workshop is a 90 minute, hands-on workshop covering Ansible Automation with respect to routers and switches. Attendees will learn how to use ansible-navigator, backup and restore network configurations, and apply these concepts at scale with Ansible Automation Platform. You’ll put it all together by exploring the job templates, workflows and more.


In this workshop, attendees will be managing network devices, specifically a Cisco IOS-XE router.


This workshop is also known as the Network Automation 90-min Technical Workshop

Presentation Deck

Lab Agenda (Estimate total time ⏱️ 90 minutes)

Learning Resources

ebook title external link RHCC Link (employees and partners)
Network automation for everyone on Content Center
Network automation guide: Expand automation across multivendor networks on Content Center
Connect and communicate with reliable, security-focused network on Content Center
Automate your network with Red Hat on Content Center

Ansible Workshop

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