Configuration as Code for Ansible Automation Platform 2 Technical Workshop


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Welcome to our interactive lab on using Configuration as code to configure the Ansible Automation Platrom.

Configuration as Code(CasC) is the way to maintain all your infrastructure.

This lab will provide code to demonstrate how to use CasC to maintain all aspects of AAP. The provided code will be a starting point, and will guide the user through how to utilize the code, and make it their own. This lab will cover configuring controller, private automation hub, execution environments, as well as the creation of workflows without the GUI as an example to follow along. These principles will help to prevent drift in configuration, allow changes to require approval before implementation, and help to maintain both a development and prod deployment.

It is Recomended to be familiar with the Automation Controller and Ansible as this lab assumes you are familier with using those products.

If you have not used the Automation controller before, a recomended place to start is this instruct lab, if you have not done so before: Introduction to automation controller


Recommended agenda for when there is an instructor teaching.

Part 1: Creating an Execution Environment ⏱️ 45 minutes
Part 2: Configuring your Automation hub ⏱️ 70 minutes
Part 3: Configuring your Automation controller ⏱️ 120 minutes
Part 4: Creating an Automation controller Workflow in code ⏱️ 90 minutes

Total Time: 5.5 hours (330 minutes)

Lab Index

Lab Title Description Link
Config as code Introduction to AAP Learn about the fundamentals of using Configuration of Code to maintain the Ansible Automation Platform 🚀 Launch Lab

Going Further

Additional material for Configuration as Code for Ansible Automation Platform 2

Title Type Link
Demystifying Ansible Automation Platform Book 📖 Demystifying Ansible Automation Platform - Book from Packt
Infra Collections in Ansible Galaxy Collections 📒 Download collections used in this lab and get links to their repos

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