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As a part of Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform, Event-Driven Ansible can process events containing discrete intelligence about conditions in the IT environment, determine the appropriate response to the event, then execute automated actions to address or remediate the event. This workshop will demonstrate Event-Driven Ansible and how it provides the event-handling capability needed to automate time-consuming tasks and respond to changing conditions in any IT domain.

During this workshop, we will walk through the basics of EDA (Event-Driven Ansible) covering fundamentals such as sources, rules, and actions and the corresponding technology and implementation through Ansible Rulebook CLI, rulebooks, source plugins, and EDA content collections. This workshop requires students to have beginner-level knowledge of command-line Ansible, Visual Studio Code, and Git.

Presentation Deck

Lab Agenda (Estimate total time ⏱️ 4 hours)

Recommended agenda for when there is an instructor teaching.

Agenda Item Description Link Estimated Time
Slides Introduction + Workshp Brief 🖥️ Google Slides ⏱️ 15 minutes
Lab1: Getting Started with Event-Driven Ansible Learn about the fundamental components of Event-Driven Ansible and go through some examples 🚀 Launch Lab ⏱️ 25 minutes
Slides Lab Brief for Lab2 Continue slides from above ⏱️ 5 minutes
Lab2: Getting Started with EDA Controller Learn how to adopt EDA into your organization with EDA Controller, which integrates into the Ansible Automation Platform with a webUI 🚀 Launch Lab ⏱️ 35 minutes
Slides Lab Brief for Lab3 Continue slides from above ⏱️ 5 minutes
Lab 3: Advanced EDA: GitOps with Event-Driven Ansible Use Event-Driven Ansible to react to events generated by Git operations. 🚀 Launch Lab ⏱️ 35 minutes
Slides Lab Brief for Lab4 Continue slides from above ⏱️ 5 minutes
Lab 4: Advanced EDA: Event-Driven Ansible and NetOps Use Event-Driven Ansible to react to network events as well as work with ChatOps. 🚀 Launch Lab ⏱️ 30 minutes
Slides Introduction to ServiceNow and Lab Brief 🖥️ Google lides ⏱️ 25 minutes
Lab 5: Get started with ServiceNow automation Explore the basic functionality of the ServiceNow collection for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. 🚀 Launch Lab ⏱️ 60 minutes

Supplemental Labs

Lab Title Description Link Estimated Time Notes
Event-driven Ansible with OpenShift Demo Use Red Hat OpenShift events as a trigger showcasing the adaptability and effectiveness of Event-Driven Ansible 🚀 Launch Lab ⏱️ 40 minutes
This runs on demo.redhat.com and is only available to Red Hat employees

Going Further

Additional material for Event-Driven Ansible

Title Type Link
Automate IT response with Event-Driven Ansible E-Book 📖 Download E-Book
The impact of event-driven automation on IT operations Analyst material 📒 Download Analyst Material
Work smarter using event-driven automation across IT operations Webinar 🎥 Watch recording from June 20, 2023

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