Ansible Lightspeed and Development Technical Workshop


This is the 4-hour version of this workshop. For the shorter 90-minute session please 🔬 click here

This workshop is for the Ansible automation engineer or application developer. While their experience, skills, and job roles differ, both of these personas create automation. This includes writing Ansible Playbooks, Ansible Roles, and Ansible Content Collections and learning how to distribute these throughout the organization.. This workshop will provide an opinionated experience for both of these roles.

The Ansible developer experience includes numerous capabilities to aid in the creation of Ansible automation content. This includes an Ansible plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio Code as well as generative AI (artificial intelligence) integrations such as Red Hat Lightspeed.

After finishing this lab you are ready to start taking advantage of the numerous Ansible content tools included in your Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscription.


This workshop is focused on the automation development capabilities of Ansible and is highly focused on using an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Visual Studio Code, as well as other various CLI tools that run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It is highly encouraged to attend the Ansible Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workshop before attending this workshop.


This workshop requires a Red Hat employee instructor

Presentation Deck

Lab Agenda (Estimate total time ⏱️ 4 hours)

Agenda Item Description Link Estimated Time
Slides Introduction + Workshop Brief Google Slides ⏱️ 10 minutes
Lab 1: Get started with ansible-builder Install ansible-builder v3 and learn how to create custom execution environments. 🚀 Launch Lab ⏱️ 30 minutes
Slides Introduction to Red Hat Lightspeed and lab brief continue slides from above ⏱️ 10 minutes
Lab 2: Get started with Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant Learn how to configure, activate, and use Ansible Lightspeed to generate Ansible content. 🚀 Launch Lab ⏱️ 30 minutes
Slides Introduction to Ansible-sign and lab brief for lab 3 continue slides from above ⏱️ 10 minutes
Lab 3: Sign and verify projects with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Sign source repositories that include Ansible Playbooks and content, and validate signed content in the automation controller. 🚀 Launch Lab ⏱️ 40 minutes
Slides Introduction to Private automation hub and lab brief for lab 4 continue slides from above ⏱️ 10 minutes
Lab 4: Sign Ansible Content Collections with private automation hub Learn how to sign Ansible Content Collections using a private automation hub and install collections with ansible-galaxy CLI. 🚀 Launch Lab ⏱️ 45 minutes
Slides Introduction to RBAC continue slides from above ⏱️ 10 minutes
Lab 5: Manage user access and content policies using private automation hub Create groups so your automation hub users have appropriate system permissions or grant view-only access to unauthorized users. 🚀 Launch Lab ⏱️ 45 minutes

Going Further

Additional material for Event-Driven Ansible

Title Type Link
Learn how to set up Ansible Lightspeed with watsonx Code Assistant—from installation and configuration to content creation. Step-by-step guide 📖 Read Guide
Red Hat talks to RedMonk Analyst material 🎥 Watch Interview
Explore this playlist of announcements and demo YouTube playlist 🎥 Ansible Lightspeed with watsonx Code Assistant

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